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Ever See Those Pretty Tumblers and Wonder How They Do It? Here's How.

A lot of you who have visited us over at Romance Happy Hour have seen my swag. Designer tumblers are a popular thing lately and I jumped on the bandwagon. Although, with Romance Happy Hour being about all things books and booze, I like to make wine glasses and book themed tumblers. Even Dylann at one point asked me how to make them. So who wants a little tutorial to make a basic glitter tumbler? Glitter tumblers can easily be made into something super cute with just a little more creativity as seen here.


First you need to collect everything you're going to need. To make it convenient for you, I searched some of the cheapest prices on Amazon, and linked to everything that I use so you can pop over and grab it if you want to make your very own starter cup.

Disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualified purchases.

The List



Spray Paint

Painters tape or electrical tape

FDA approved Epoxy


Spinner/Spin it

Mod Podge (optional)

Rubber Gloves

Plastic or silicone cups

Popsicle sticks

Step 1

Okay, now that you've gotten your supplies, lets get started. Besides collecting the supplies, the first step in the process is to sand your tumbler. The best tumbler is one that won't break the bank, but will get the job done. You can find many deals at local stores or even Amazon. You want to get it rough enough that the paint and epoxy will stick to the surface.

Step 2

Now that your cup is sanded properly, you need to spray paint it with a base coat. This step can be skipped over if you want a stainless steel look behind the glitter, but a base coat in a color similar to the one you want will enhance the color of your glitter in the end.

Step 3

Once dry, you'll need to apply your glitter. This can be done by either using mod podge and then sprinting the glitter over the glue, letting it dry, and then applying a sealant coat of mod podge over the glitter.

OR you can skip straight to the epoxy method.

Epoxy method...prepare your epoxy and spread it on your cup. As the cup is spinning, sprinkle your glitter onto the epoxied cup until you are satisfied with the coverage.

***HINT*** Don't forget to put on your rubber gloves at this point!

Step 4

Place your cup on the turner and turn on.

Step 5

Epoxy is equal parts A and B. Each brand has directions as to how to mix, but the basically principle is to measure the parts out in separate containers then add them together. Mix them slowly for 2 minutes and then pour the mixture into another container and mix for another 1 minute. You want the small bubbles to be gone and the mixture to be well mixed.

Step 6

​Now that you're ready to mix slowly pour the mixture onto your cup and spread it evenly. If you are doing the epoxy glitter method, you would then apply the glitter.

Step 7

Let turn for 4-6 hours

Step 8

If you are satisfied with the results you can stop at this point, however, this is the step where you can sand and then do another layer of glitter or put on decals. If you put on decals, do another layer of epoxy without glitter and let dry.

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