Seafaring Historical

Lighthouse Anthology

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When violent ocean forces become too strong, the keepers are watching. They are strong, determined, and afraid of nothing. They will risk their lives to save others, and risk their chance at love to serve their country. Can love overcome the obstacles thrown in their path and shine the light in their hearts? They are the ladies of the Lighthouse Service and men of the Life Saving Service. Those who have vowed to watch and protect. They are…the keepers.

Featuring: Beacon Of The Night, I Heard The Bells, Ghost Ships Cry, Burning Light Within

Beacon Of The Night

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Rescued from the sea and the wreckage of his ship, Alex finds himself in the saving hands of the lighthouse keeper-a young woman. Sylvia has been keeping watch and saving lives from the lighthouse on Destruction Island since the death of her parents. The man she rescued this time draws her into the world of piracy and intrigue and she finds herself falling in love.

I Heard The Bells

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The lighthouse keeper's niece Abigail has been in love with Gavin as long as she can remember. He is one of the brave men who risk their lives to rescue those who find trouble crossing the bar into safe harbor. Those who keep watch from Cape Disappointment on the Columbia Bar have seen many ships and men lose their lives, will Abigail's brother Nash be one of them?
A Christmas miracle born of love may be the answer.

Ghost Ships Cry

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Wade Alston is keeper of the Little Island Life Saving Station. He is haunted by his past, and the spine-chilling cry of the ghost ship that lies just outside the shoreline. To top it off, a crewman from the wreck is missing, and the man’s wife and daughter, Laura, continue to plague his life with a request that is not only against the rules, but downright dangerous

Burning Light Within

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Now a widow, Vanessa has taken on the task of Dry Tortuga Island's lighthouse keeper in place of her late husband. As keeper, "Nessa" rescues those who find trouble in the warm Florida Key waters. The brave young woman is challenged by a man she saves from the water-a man from her past. Will he raise in Nessa the longing she once felt or will she be reminded of a past that once was but is no more?
Another book in the Lifesaving Series

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