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Editing Services



Need some help getting your manuscript ready? I offer a blurb and developmental review, content edits, and proofreading services to assist you in polishing your manuscript. Ensuring your agent/editor/readers enjoy an easy read.


Time Frame

Up to 10,000 words: 1 week

10,001 words to 20,000 words: 1 week

20,001 words to 40,000 words: 2 weeks

40,001 words to 60,000 words: 2 weeks

60,001 words to 100,000 words: 3 weeks

100,001 words to 120,000 words: 4 weeks

Above 120,000 words: 6 weeks


Content Edit: A content edit is done once your book is written. I can help polish your manuscript by checking facts, highlighting glaring grammatical errors, and suggesting places where rewriting or restructuring would improve the overall read.


Proofreading: A proofread is a writer’s last outside edit before being published. Helping to ensure your book is as error-free as it can be before being published.


Blurb Review/Edit: A blurb review helps tweak the first thing potential readers see from your story. I can help discover the best way to capture the attention of potential readers. 


Manuscript Assessment/Developmental Review: A developmental review helps you perfect your concept, develop plot points, and organize the structure of your story.




The estimated cost will be determined upon submission, and costs will be split in half (I.E. 1/2 payment upon scheduling edits, and 1/2 when they are finished and turned into you).


  • Content Edits: $0.01 per word

  • Proofreading: $0.009 a word

  • Blurb review: $20

  • Manuscript Assessment/Developmental review: $50/hr


Please note: A second content/proofread edit (if desired) will equal 1/2 of the original fee.




A little about me

I am an award-winning hybrid author with Kensington Lyrical Press, and have made the Amazon Bestsellers charts. I have been in the publishing business for eight years. I am passionate about writing and dedicated to helping you perfect your work in progress.




To submit your manuscript, use the contact form below. I will reply and send you a PayPal invoice at that time. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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